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Марсианские хроники

NASA began a new chapter of its Martian chronicle today when the agency named its Mars rover Curiosity’s landing site after the late science fiction author Ray Bradbury.

Curiosity’s landing site inside Mars’ vast Gale Crater was rechristened “Bradbury Landing” today to honor the iconic writer’s legacy and dedication to Mars exploration, NASA officials said.

Ray Bradbury died in June at age 91. His first book, The Martian Chronicles, paints a vivid picture of the human exploration of Mars through a series of short stories. The book was published in 1950 and later adapted into a TV series and video game.

“Today would have been Ray Bradbury’s 92nd birthday, but he’s already reached immortality in his short stories and books,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “His books have truly inspired us. His Martian Chronicles has inspired our curiosity.”
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